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The infra information platform for infrastructure, road, rail, water, construction, traffic, energy, safety, intermodality, multimodality and mobility.

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European Parliament

Postal Address: Wiertzstraat
Zipcode: B-1047
City: Brussels
Street Address: Wiertzstraat
Zipcode: B-1047
City: Brussels
Infrasite News about this government
18-04-2011 Green light for Brenner Base Tunnel
28-02-2011 Consultation on Europe 2020 Project Bonds to fund infrastructure
24-02-2011 Forging a Dialogue – MEPs create Rail Forum Europe
27-10-2010 EC reviews funding 92 major Trans-European Networks infrastructure project
21-01-2010 MEPs ask to steer sustainable strategy for the Danube
14-01-2010 Summary of the hearing of Günther Oettinger - Energy
14-01-2010 Summary of the hearing of Siim Kallas: EP Transport Committee
01-10-2009 Tyre labelling deal ready to roll
17-09-2009 Energy security: prevent future disruption and expand gas storage capacity
15-09-2009 European Mobility Week 2009: 'Improving City Climates'
22-07-2009 EU renews mandates coordinators trans-European transport network
16-07-2009 EC: improve monitoring EU energy infrastructure projects
16-07-2009 EU adopts new rules to gas supply crisis
19-06-2009 CoR: EU climate change efforts inconsistent
10-02-2009 400 cities commit to go beyond the 20% EU's energy objectives
03-02-2009 EP adopts blueprint for the EU's future energy strategy
29-01-2009 Polis supports European policy on urban mobility
23-01-2009 MEPs discuss pros and cons of ITS
16-01-2009 Rail sector welcomes publication of 'truth about trucks' study
17-12-2008 MEPs for effective cross-border enforcement
10-12-2008 Rail sector regrets no agreement on Eurovignette directive
08-12-2008 TEN-T: over e.1.7 billion in railway projects
14-10-2008 Annual reports 2007-08 Trans-European Transport Network
10-10-2008 Rail freight corridors needed for more combined rail-road transport
12-09-2008 EC steps back from regulating rail freight quality
19-08-2008 European Mobility Week 2008 16th to 22nd September
18-07-2008 Registration for OPEN DAYS 2008 up 25%
18-06-2008 Andris Piebalgs Declaration on high oil prices
18-06-2008 EC: Move to improved pedestrian safety by 2009
17-06-2008 EC welcomes EP vote on water quality standards
11-06-2008 Commissioner Borg to promote cooperation on Mediterranean maritime issues
19-05-2008 TEN-T and Natura 2000: the way forward
11-04-2008 Efficient water management in Europe
12-03-2008 EP supports congestion charges and road-pricing
26-02-2008 No EU-wide road safety management standards
30-01-2008 4th New Opera Stakeholders Conference great success
22-01-2008 Road haulage: restrictions on cabotage to go by 2014
13-12-2007 Final EU 2008 Budget
04-12-2007 Energy Council Progress Report adopted
26-11-2007 Parliament and Council reach agreement funding Galileo
22-11-2007 Barrot urged to ensure Galileo tasks fairly distribute
11-10-2007 EP: Budget 2008: huge increase for Galileo
27-09-2007 Third rail package approved by European Parliament
27-09-2007 A roadmap for renewable energy in Europe
24-09-2007 Mobility week 2007 - clearing the roads of traffic
11-09-2007 European Security Research and Innovation Forum
11-09-2007 Non-stop trains from Lisbon to Liverpool
11-09-2007 Second annual reports TEN-t network
06-09-2007 EP: harmonise rules for transport of dangerous goods
06-09-2007 Megatrucks on EU roads under strict conditions
28-08-2007 Polis: PILOT final conference in Brussels
17-07-2007 EU co-ordinators for key energy projects
06-07-2007 EU policy responses to maritime transport challenges
27-06-2007 UNIFE welcomes agreement on 3rd Railway Package
25-06-2007 EU Transport Council endorses 3rd Railway Package
22-06-2007 CER welcomes Third Railway Package compromise
21-06-2007 Compromise on the 3rd Railway Package
06-06-2007 Stakeholder conference Green Paper Urban Transport
24-05-2007 A new innovation strategy for Europe
23-05-2007 Financial aid for transport and energy networks
13-05-2007 Tiefensee: Important step for vehicle safety in Europe
11-05-2007 CER welcomes EP vote on Public Service Regulation
11-05-2007 More competition in public transport - with safeguards
11-05-2007 EP approves new road vehicle standards
11-05-2007 Blind-spot mirrors to be retrofitted to older lorries
10-05-2007 UNIFE welcomes EP vote on Transport White Paper
09-05-2007 EU transport infrastructure needs new finance sources
26-04-2007 No more delays to GALILEO, say MEPs
13-04-2007 The EU and climate change
22-03-2007 Improve the image of the EU shipping sector
01-03-2007 UNIFE at Mid-term review of White Paper
01-03-2007 EU transport policy: success or failure?
01-03-2007 Diversify sources, say energy experts
28-02-2007 EP Transport Committee: stricter maritime safety rules
19-01-2007 Road safety: EP says more action need
19-01-2007 Third rail package: no agreement between EP, Counci
18-01-2007 CER welcomes progress Third Railway Package
11-01-2007 EC releases interoperable road tolling documents
19-12-2006 Competition for national railways as from 2017
19-12-2006 CER on TRAN Committee vote of Third Railway Package
14-12-2006 Minute silence for passing away of Loyola de Palacio
14-12-2006 CER: Public Service Regulation: some progress
13-12-2006 Cutting car emissions: Euro 5 standards
01-12-2006 Development of the TEN in South-East Europe
01-12-2006 Forty-five-foot containers can continue circulating
24-11-2006 EIB: EUR 125 mln for railway Pays de la Loire Region
23-11-2006 Giuliano Galanti starts new term of office at ESPO
10-11-2006 EC welcomes IEA World Energy Outlook
08-11-2006 Towards simpler European road transport rules
02-11-2006 Final conference program InterRailTech 2006
20-10-2006 LIFE-Environment 2006: 50 projects 14 countries 66 mln
20-10-2006 EBB: new Groundwater Directive robust
27-09-2006 EC concerned at EP amendments to air quality directive
27-09-2006 Cleaner air Europe: ambitious targets more flexibility
15-09-2006 Priority infrastructure for cargo trains
14-09-2006 CER welcomes progress on European corridor network
14-09-2006 TEN-T: first activity report coordinators
11-08-2006 2nd European Road Congress 6-8 November 2006
03-08-2006 Financing of aviation and maritime security measures
14-07-2006 ERF: Keep Europe Moving
30-06-2006 Brenner Tunnel: start construction exploratory gallery
30-06-2006 Second Railway Package: EC sends reasoned opinions
30-06-2006 Port State Control: EC sends reasoned opinion
22-06-2006 EIM exchanges views with key transport players
22-06-2006 Cleaner air: ambitious targets, greater flexibility
15-06-2006 Deployment of European Rail Traffic Management System
15-06-2006 Better coordination will reduce the risk of floods
09-06-2006 Progress on Railway Axis Paris - Bratislava
08-06-2006 Dr Joe Borg: A Maritime Policy for the EU
30-05-2006 Revised package for EU programmes 2007-2013
27-04-2006 Intelligent cars could save lives from 2009
27-03-2006 Council of Ministers approve Eurovignette Directive
08-03-2006 EC sets out Energy Strategy for Europe
23-01-2006 Port Services plan rejected by European Parliament
16-12-2005 Road charging: EC sends reasoned opinion to Italy
15-12-2005 Harmonisation of transport tariffs all Member States
07-12-2005 EU updates rules for professional drivers
15-11-2005 Green light for revision of Eurovignette directive
15-11-2005 Reaction T&E on lorry toll vote EP Transport Committee
27-10-2005 EP approves blank cheques unviable transport projects
29-09-2005 Halving the number of road accidents by 2010
28-09-2005 Community railways
15-07-2005 MEP challenges European transport policy
15-06-2005 EP Transport Committee: EU-wide approach traffic law
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