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Source: 3M Nederland
Roadsignage: 3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG3 reflective sheeting
Roadsignage: 3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG3 reflective sheeting

Improving the visibility of road signs has been shown to reduce road traffic accidents by up to 80% - a significant statistic based on the fact that signs not only show the correct route and format of the road layout ahead but also act as vital hazard warning.

The traditional barrier for 24-hour road sign effectiveness is poor light, either at night or in adverse weather conditions. Both DG3 and Fluorescent DG3 reflective sheeting, developed and produced by 3M, have helped sign manufacturers produce products with better visibility in all light conditions.

The DG3 materials provide a higher degree of light reflectivity, which is especially important for night time visibility. The Fluorescent DG3 was developed to enhance sign visibility during daylight hours. The fluorescent properties make signs especially visible at dawn, dusk, during poor daylight and in adverse weather conditions. At night, it performs as effectively as regular DG3 reflective sheeting.

Surveys carried out by independent consultants TMS Consultancy on behalf of 3M UK found that both DG3 and Fluorescent DG3 made a significant contribution to accident reduction. These findings were based on ‘before and after’ statistics at a number of individual test sites in the UK. The results of the DG3 survey showed a 79% reduction in the total number of accidents that occurred over the twelve test locations.

The Fluorescent DG3 results showed a statistically significant reduction in traffic speed after the signs were installed suggesting that these signs could make a valuable contribution to road safety in locations where speed has been identified as a major cause of accidents.

Road and pavement marking: 3M™ All Weather Paint Reflective road markings that are highly visible and effective with good vehicle headlights at night can become ineffective in the rain because of the way that light is deflected off the water’s surface.

This is one of the key technical problems to face Europe’s road safety community, as wet roads at night are one of the most common causes of road accidents, particularly when temporary works are being carried out.

As a leader in the reflective signage material, this year 3M is introducing a new generation of optic elements for road markings that offer not only high performance under dry, wet and rainy conditions, but also high level skid resistance.

This new technology is part of a 3M matched component system that offers the road marking market the most adapted standard (EN1436) for warranty and performance. This new optic technology allows drivers to navigate more safely under all weather conditions!

3M's innovation has also created a new generation of adhesives for application of markings for either use without the use of surface preparation adhesive, saving time and cost, or for application in early spring or late autumn with surface preparation adhesive which greatly extends the marking season.
Infrasite Commercial News
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